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How To Stop Paper Jam Problems In HP Photosmart Printer

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Why You Should Know How To Stop Paper Jam Problems In HP Photosmart Printer

If you are familiar with office printer’s operations you will observe that one of the most frustrating aspects of the machine is when it starts having paper jam problems.

The paper jam occurs in a printer when the printer is unable to roll out the paper that is entered into it for printing or photocopying purposes.

How To Stop Paper Jam Problems In HP Photosmart Printer
How To Stop Paper Jam Problems In HP Photosmart Printer

Photosmart Office printers have been one of the vital tools in every organization such that its operation may be in daily need to any busy firm.

However, when they start giving the problems of paper jam, rejection of ink cartridges, slow execution of commands, etc. it may seem as though they may never be fixed again or that their lifespan has reached the end.

I will like to drop a little idea on how I managed to resolve the paper jam error that was occurring frequently in my HP PhotoSmart printer.

It all started after the printer was packed for over one year and had been moved from place to place during those periods without actually operating the printer during those periods.

When the printer was ready for use I observed the problem of squeezing the A4 papers each time it draws any of the paper inside the rolling section where the printing was supposed to occur.

The problem is a very frustrating one, the printer was able to damage over 30 pieces of A4 papers and drastically reduced the ink level in the two cartridges because some ink does drop on each of the jammed papers.

I actually sort for an expert to handle the issue for weeks without any access to such an expert so I decided to take the printer to the printer dealers in the nearest popular market, after examining it, I was asked to buy a new printer.

Funny, isn’t it? That was how I saw it, I couldn’t imagine discharging the new printer that I barely used since its purchase, to cut the journey short I decided to make a trial for its repair.

Here are the steps on How To Stop Paper Jam Problems In HP Photosmart Printer to be followed:

  1. Without losing any screw from the printer body, I removed the two cartridges in it.
  2. I turned the printer upside down to have a clear view of the rolling mechanisms of the paper, after examining the area I plugged the printer into a power source and washed the initial rolling operation of the mechanism.
  3. Then I inserted only the black cartridge and inserted an A4 paper into the printer while in the upside-down position, I pressed the photocopy button and observed as the paper rolled inside the machine and got squeezed as usual but this time I was able to observe the things creating the problem.
  4. In my observation, there is a small flexible plastic mechanism standing at the end of the printer opposite the place the papers are being loaded, the function of the mechanism it to aid to paper to move upward and enter into the set of rollers above it in a précised manner, the mechanism is dynamic in operation but in the case of my printer it had gone stiff or static so I decided to use a small stick to push the mechanism backward.
  5. Immediately it went backward I heard a sound in the printer, then I touched it with the stick and discovered that it was meant to be flexible, not stiff.
  6. To check if the problem had been resolved I decided to load another paper and press the photocopy button and this time the printer was able to photocopy the document inside its glass screen.
  7. To confirm further I connected it with a computer and issued a printing command and it was carried out successfully.


With the last test, I became convinced that the issue of paper jamming has been resolved, and for over three months now I have been using the printer without any issue of paper jamming. I believe trying this technic may actually fix the paper jam problem in your HP Photosmart printer.

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