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Using an office printer can be very simple and enjoyable but not when it comes to handling its problems associated with the cartridge refilling.In this post we will be dealing with issues surrounding how to make your office printer to start printing after cartridge refill.

The main reason few people with cash will boycott the idea of refilling the printer cartridge is as a result problems associated with it. While many people find it interesting to tackle the challenges others may find it annoying.

It can be quite annoying if you the busy type to be dealing with printer with lots of problem when it comes to printing out visible or acceptable write ups on A4 papers.

photosmart printer
photosmart printer

Have you experience the problem of not printing even after a successful ink refill in the cartridge? This can be confusing and frustrating. Sometimes you may just think the ink add top the cartridge wasn’t enough but that it not true.

As a matter of fact, it is better not to overfill the cartridge with ink to avoid staining your printer components with spilled out inks. A good cartridge refill shouldn’t exceed 10ml of refill ink.

This post will tell you exactly what you need to do so that such problem can be solved without stress.

My first encounter of my printer not printing after a cartridge refill was the third time I refilled my printer cartridge.

After a successful refill I inserted the cartridge back to the printer and attempted to make a printout but got an error message from the printer saying ‘Low ink in the cartridge’ at first I thought the ink I added wasn’t enough and decided to add more ink in the cartridge until the cartridge couldn’t accommodate any ink further.

When I inserted the cartridge back to the printer I still got the same response of low ink in the cartridge.

Printer and its printing problems
Printer and its printing problems

Considering the annoyance and frustration, I left the printer with the cartridge inside aloe and turned off the printer power supply. Later in the evening I made another attempt to print with the printer and guess what! The response this time appears different.

The printer did not give out error message as usual instead it made a clean print out as was commanded. Considering this unexpected success, I decided to dig deep to know the root cause of the initial problem and how to avoid experiencing it next time because I knew it was quite annoying and frustrating.

In the cause of my research to know why my printer couldn’t print out after a refill, I found out the following:

If a cartridge stays unused for a long time it may have problem of printing after a refill.

You need to bring out your cartridge from the printer if you are not using the cartridge any time soon.

You need to clean the surface and surroundings of the cartridge seat and the cartridge itself with methylated spirit of any volatile liquid and give it enough time o dry up before powering the printer or inserting the cartridge.

photosmart printer
photosmart printer

The most important of them all is to allow the refilled ink in the cartridge to settle down. Printer cartridges have a soaking material inside it. After every refill it will take some time for the refilled cartridge have the ink completely saturated inside it and this can be more problematic if you have not refilled the cartridge for a long time.

The easier way to enjoy your cartridge refill is to keep the cartridge downwards as it used to be inside the printer and allow it to stay in that position for a long time before inserting into the printer for immediate printing this action will provide enough time for the ink to saturate the cartridge because the printer may not see the ink refilled that moment until the ink saturates.

This is a major problem that you need to take note anytime you are making a refill especially if the cartridge has not been used for a long time.


In case you still encounter such problem after making these attempts drop your questions and the challenges you are passing through let’s see if we can have solution regarding it.

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