How To Make Local Food For Fish Pond

How To Make Local Food For Fish Pond

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The process of managing fish pond and making good money from it had been a big challenge to most of the pond owners considering the increasing cost of the fish foods some of them which were imported.

The dream of every investor is to get a good return on investment, fish pond is one of the lucrative business if well managed but report has revealed that the cost of feeding the fishes is threatening the profitability of the business.

For this reason, many people in this field is now seeking for information on how to minimize the cost of feeding the fishes.

The recent report reaching shows that there are local foods around us that we can use to operate our fish ponds successfully without losing any of the fishes, we shall be listing these foods and their preparation methods.

Common Foods You Can Use to Make Local Fish Feed For Fishponds

How To Make Local Food For Fish Pond
How To Make Local Food For Fish Pond

Some of the common foods use are:

Dried cassava tubers

Ground nuts or processed groundnut products such as “kwirikwiri”

The processing technics of this food is to grind the two into powder with the dried cassava tubers having about 70% of the quantity and the groundnuts or its product having about 30%, with the two of them properly mixed and sprayed on the fish pond every day, the fishes will enjoy it and grow in a healthy manner within a short time.

Please ensure the groundnut is cooked or roasted, not raw groundnut.

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