How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

Why You Should Know How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

How To Fix A Ceiling Fan
How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

Understanding the working principle of the ceiling fans will give any technician an advantage in carrying out works relating to the ceiling fan.

As the day progresses technologists and manufacturers are coming up with new designs and models of fans which ceiling fan is not an exception, the only way to stand out as a technician is to prove to your clients how knowledgeable you are when it comes to jobs relating to that of the ceiling fan.

Today, due to the numerous designs that have filled the electronics market many have lost out in both the maintenance and assembling technics, something usually seen as a work anyone can do has now become a work that needs an expert.

It has become obvious that fan designs will continue to change and the sizes will continue to differ, it is the responsibility of anyone who may not wish to buy the services of any technician to read wide and understand how to assemble and fix these fans irrespective of the designs that follow them.

To achieve that, one should try to understand the fan working principle and its possible causes of faults.

The working principle of the fan will be discussed widely in our subsequent posts, but for the purpose of those in need of the topic of this post, we shall drop a brief explanation of how ceiling fan works.

A ceiling fan comprises two magnetic systems which are; electromagnetic coils and permanent magnetic metals. The electromagnetic coils are made to be static because it bears the iron pipe that connects the ceiling fan to the house ceiling.

While the permanent magnetic metals were made to rotate with the fan blades by fixing them at the surroundings of the outer part of the ceiling fan engine where it has enough clearance with the fixed coil such that it can rotate while carrying the fan blades.

Steps on How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

How To Fix A Ceiling Fan
How To Fix A Ceiling Fan

The fixing of the ceiling involves the following steps;

First, read the manual that accompanied the ceiling fan, and try and understand all the parts that accompanied the fan in the carton.

Check the rigidity of the fan hook fixed at the ceiling and ensure it is rigid enough such that, it cannot easily lose under severe tension.

Measure the long metallic pipe that usually accompanies the ceiling fan carton, if the pipe length is too long you will need to reduce the length using a saw blade.

Insert the two-sided metals with holes on them at the upper side of the pipe where they can be hanged on the ceiling hook.

The long pin in the form of a screw or large nail having a small opening at the ending edge for locking with small metallic wire should be slotted in-between the two holes.

The rounded design rubber material should be placed in the long pipe by slotting the screw in it and then making screws also pass through the two metals attached on either side of the long pipe.

After all, ensure you tested the assembling with the hook at the ceiling to see if it can work perfectly when the test is successful, remove the rubber and screw so the long metallic pipe could come out.

Now is the time to fix the main fan engine and its blades, select the fan blades (usually three in most cases), ensure they all face downward and fix them at the fan engine by ensuring they are according to the manual drawing arrangement.

Bring the other end of the long metallic pipe with the hole at either for easy passing of screw across them, let the screw join the engine and the long metallic pipe.

Having fixed the engine and the pipe, it is time to hang the entire body back to the ceiling.

When you have finished changing the fan to the ceiling hook, draw the two terminal wires in the fan engine and connect them to the two terminals of the junction box usually fixed at the ceiling close to the fan hook.

Go to the wall lookout for the fan regulator connecting terminal and connect them to the two terminals from the ceiling fan regulator, then find a way to fix the fan regulator to the wall.


With the above-mentioned techniques, you may easily find ways to fix most designs of the ceiling fan. Please use the comment section to give feedback for better improvements of the post.

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