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Top 3 Continents predicted to be Highest Beneficiaries of AI By 2050

Three 3 Continents predicted to be Highest Beneficiaries

Continents predicted to be Highest Beneficiaries
Continents predicted to be Highest Beneficiaries

When it comes to who leads and who dominates in the new and upcoming technologies that will be using artificial intelligence, the question may not presently give a straight answer, but believe me, in the future it will.

There have been many predictions on what the future technologies would become and how they will center mostly on AI, but few had been said concerning the countries involved in seeing the predictions becomes a reality.

After the production of the world’s most sophisticated humanoid robot called Sophia, Hanson Robotics declared that they are moving forward to create more advanced robots of Sophia kind that would be using Artificial neural network and machining learning technology.

This implies that the world may possibly see robots greater than Sophia in intelligence in the future robots productions.

The major robot development institutes across the globe had been making effort to have machines that can have 100 percent abilities that can be found in humans, though that has not been achieved accurately both evidence before us now shows that such may be exceeded in the future.

The future machines with AI will be superior to humans both in abilities and thinking, infarct the future machines may become teachers to humans’ intellectual development.

In a little analysis based on previous reports, research institutions from Japan, China, U.S, and Isreal had been leading in new discoveries and robotic development, if my analysis is correct, it means these countries and those around it may become the highest beneficiaries of the future technology when it finally comes.

A few months ago, a post of why the U.S. military invested millions of dollars for Artificial Intelligence was made, and it revealed how interested the United States had been to see the future of Artificial Intelligence fully in place.

Israel had been known for their sophisticated wireless technologies and has the credit of building the largest and longest hours flying aircraft drone among other technologies found in their country.

Though their technologies are not pointing to Artificial intelligence, such country will not find it difficult to adapt to the new technology of AI when it finally comes.

The major reason Asia, Europe & America would become the major beneficiaries of AI, is based on the areas of application of the Artificial Intelligence in the future and their heavy presence in these continents.

Based on the previous record; artificial intelligence will be applicable to the following areas;

Industries, factories, warehouses, Hospitals, hotels, schools, mechanized agriculture, and commercial firms, etc,

Statistically, China, U.S., Germany, Italy, France, Australia, and Russia, etc. have the greatest number of industries, schools, research centers and hospitals, which are the areas that artificial intelligence will be focusing mostly.

It simply means these countries would have the largest number of AI machines in them working in various sectors with humans in the future.

The heavy presence of AI machines in these countries would help reduce living cost due to the obvious and unavoidable drop in the prices of goods in the global market since the production has become higher than demand with few human numbers to buy, such will go far in influencing the economy of other nations positively.

If AI machines join humans in the future for products and services, there wouldn’t be much disadvantage rather it may offer lots of benefits to humans ranging from reduced stress, price control, quality products and services, accuracy and time management, to heavier marketing competitions from production and servicing firms since they can bear any number of customers demand based on the presence of AI machines.

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