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60 Best Engineering Universities in the World

Engineering students during classes

What are the Best Engineering Universities in the World?

We shall be discussing the top-ranked universities in the world here. If your dream is to school in one of the best universities in the world for engineering programs then this post will be very useful.

The top engineering schools in the world are not or may not necessarily mean the overall best universities rather they are best in the field of engineering due to their sophistication and records in engineering programs.

The world universities are ranked in several ways such as programs offered, level of certifications, and overall rankings based on other factors such as the number of students, standards, infrastructure, history, and many others.

This post will be dealing basically with ranking based on programs in the engineering field.  The ranking is a worldwide collection of universities offering engineering programs and their sophistication and level of quality in terms of delivering of the various engineering programs offered by the universalities.

The best engineering universities also reflect the universities with high versatile engineering programs and the ones with a consistent upgrade to modern engineering facilities for the purpose of teaching all the engineering professions offered by the school.  Before now, infrastructure and academic history seemed to play some roles in school ranking this ranking seems to focus on other areas instead.

The universities below are the top 50 rated Universities in the world offering engineering programs. The numerical arrangement reflects their ranking according to the usnews report.

Top-Ranked 60 Engineering Universities in the World

  1. Tsinghua University, China, Beijing
  2. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, Singapore
  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States, Cambridge (U.S.)
  4. National University of Singapore, Singapore, Singapore
  5. Harbin Institute of Technology, China, Harbin
  6. Stanford University, United States, Stanford
  7. University of California–Berkeley, United States, Berkeley
  8. Aalborg University, Denmark, Aalborg
  9. Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China, Wuhan
  10. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, Shanghai
  11. Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, Kowloon
  12. Zhejiang University, China, Hangzhou
  13. Southeast University, China, Nanjing
  14. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich
  15. Tongji University, China, Shanghai
  16. Xi’an Jiaotong University, China, Xi’an
  17. Imperial College London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  18. Georgia Institute of Technology, United States, Atlanta
  19. City University Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Kowloon
  20. University of New South Wales, Australia, Kensington
  21. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor, United States, Ann Arbor
  22. Central South University, China, Changsha
  23. Delft University of Technology, Netherlands, Delft
  24. Beihang University, China, Beijing
  25. Harvard University, United States, Cambridge (U.S.)
  26. University of Malaya, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
  27. University of Tehran, Iran Tehran
  28. University of Technology Sydney, Australia Ultimo
  29. Hunan University, China, Changsha
  30. Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, Milan
  31. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong|Hong Kong
  32. Peking University,  China, Beijing
  33. University of Adelaide, Australia, Adelaide
  34. University of Science and Technology of China, China, Hefei
  35. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Pok Fu Lam
  36. South China University of Technology, China, Guangzhou
  37. Beijing Institute of Technology, China, Beijing
  38. Tianjin University, China, Tianjin
  39. École Polytechnique Federale of Lausanne, Switzerland, Lausanne
  40. Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia, Johor
  41. University of Sydney, Australia Sydney
  42. Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, Kongens Lyngby
  43. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, China, Chengdu
  44. Islamic Azad University, Iran, Tehran
  45. Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Stockholm
  46. Dalian University of Technology, China, Dalian
  47. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign, United States, Champaign
  48. University of Chicago, United States, Chicago
  49. Chongqing University, China, Chongqing
  50. University of Waterloo, Canada, Waterloo
  51. University of Texas–Austin, United States, Austin
  52. Carnegie Mellon University, United States, Pittsburgh
  53. Northwestern Polytechnical University, China, Xi’an
  54. University of Toronto, Canada, Toronto
  55. Purdue University–West Lafayette, United States, West Lafayette
  56. China University of Petroleum, China, Qingdao
  57. Chinese University Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Shatin
  58. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge (U.K.)
  59. University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, Beijing
  60. Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium, Leuven


If you dream to be among the world’s best engineering universities for any of your engineering programs and level of certification, thorough research on any of these above universities could lead to the right destination.

A lot of intending students wish to study in the top-ranked universities not just for the acquisition of the certificates but the prestige it offers as well.

Take some time and visit each of the universities’ websites for thorough details of the programs they offer in engineering and make your best decisions based on information made available to you.

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