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If you are aspiring to study any engineering program in the United Kingdom, this post can be very useful to you. We took some time to make a list of top-rated engineering schools in the UK. These schools are known to offer vast number of engineering programs with wide range certifications. You will equally enjoy the benefits of studying in one of the globally ranked universities according to USNEWS website..

Engineering in UK is a very lucrative and respected profession. The graduates always find it easy to see something doing afterwards. We, the EngineeringAll team see it as a necessity to educate our audience who may be aspiring or planning to study engineering in UK.

There are many platforms ranking universities and other tertiary institutions and based on such rankings these UK universities seem to find the light of the day in all the rankings.

Engineering students during classes
Engineering students during classes


  1. Imperial College London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  2. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, Cambridge (U.K.)
  3. University of Oxford, United Kingdom, Oxford
  4. University of Manchester, United Kingdom, Manchester
  5. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom, Nottingham
  6. University College London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  7. Brunel University, United Kingdom, Uxbridge
  8. University of Southampton, United Kingdom, Southampton
  9. University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom, Glasgow
  10. University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, Sheffield
  11. University of Liverpool, United Kingdom, Liverpool
  12. University of Leeds, United Kingdom, Leeds
  13. Cranfield University, United Kingdom, Cranfield
  14. Newcastle University, United Kingdom, Newcastle
  15. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Edinburgh
  16. University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, Birmingham (U.K.)
  17. Cardiff University, United Kingdom, Cardiff
  18. King’s College London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  19. University of Bristol, United Kingdom, Bristol
  20. University of Warwick, United Kingdom, Coventry
  21. Lancaster University, United Kingdom, Lancaster
  22. Loughborough University, United Kingdom, Loughborough
  23. Heriot Watt University, United Kingdom, Edinburgh
  24. Northumbria University, United Kingdom, Newcastle upon
  25. Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  26. University of Surrey, United Kingdom, Surrey
  27. Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom, Belfast
  28. University of East Anglia, United Kingdom, Norwich
  29. University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, Glasgow
  30. University of Bath, United Kingdom, Bath
  31. University of Plymouth, United Kingdom, Plymouth
  32. University of Exeter, United Kingdom, Exeter
  33. Swansea University, United Kingdom, Swansea
  34. Aston University, United Kingdom, Birmingham (U.K.)
  35. University of Kent, United Kingdom, Canterbury
  36. University of Sussex, United Kingdom, Brighton
  37. University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, Aberdeen
  38. Liverpool John Moores University, United Kingdom, Liverpool
  39. University of Ulster, United Kingdom, Coleraine
  40. De Montfort University, United Kingdom, Leicester
  41. University of Reading, United Kingdom, Reading
  42. Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom, Manchester
  43. Coventry University, United Kingdom, Coventry
  44. University of York, United Kingdom, York
  45. University of Hull, United Kingdom, Hull
  46. University of West England, United Kingdom, Bristol
  47. Durham University, United Kingdom, Durham (U.K.)
  48. University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom, Huddersfield
  49. City University London, United Kingdom, London (U.K.)
  50. University of Salford, United Kingdom, Salford
  51. University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom, Portsmouth
  52. University of Bradford, United Kingdom, Bradford


We were not able to provide the website link of these universities on this page due to some reasons but we may add the links in future updates. However, you can copy the name of any of the school and paste it in the Google search engine to see the website address.

Visiting the website will help you gain more information regarding the areas of engineering disciple the school offers and see if it matches yours. You can as well use the ‘contact us’ page of the website to send the school email.

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