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Why Your Rechargeable Fan is Not Charging

rechargeable electric fan
rechargeable electric fan
rechargeable electric fan

Understanding the problems of rechargeable fan have become vital based on the increasing use of it in most African countries as a result of the unstable public power supply. Based on previous publications, some problems of the rechargeable fan had been discussed, however, when it comes to dealing with why the rechargeable fan is not charging little has been said about it.

There over twenty brands of manufacturers making rechargeable fan currently and the major brands such as Binatone, Fanafrik, Qada, and others can be seen in almost all the electronics markets in Africa especially in Nigeria.

Understanding the quality standard of each brand, the categories of their rechargeable fan which ranges from rechargeable table standing fan, wall fan, and normal floor standing fan, etc. these sets of rechargeable fan have different battery range and charging capacity.

Before we proceed further, let us discuss on the working principle of the rechargeable fan. They are the type of electric fan that can convert the alternating current (AC) coming from the public power supply or home electric generator into a direct current (DC). For this reason, the electric motors being installed on them are usually DC powered motors.

When you connect the fan charger into the electric socket, it directs the AC to the lithium-ion charger installed inside the fan, the charger converts the AC to DC before sending it to the lithium-ion battery for storage. Since the lithium-ion battery can only receive DC, you will need the charger to get the battery charged by converting the alternating current (AC) from the electric socket into a direct current (DC) that the rechargeable battery or rechargeable batteries would use.

Since all modern rechargeable fan are equipped with Lithium-ion batteries having different capacity of power output, it is important to study the manual to understand how the charging system works. The bigger the size of the fan motor, the bigger the fan, as well as the battery, needed to power it. The duration the manufacturer intended the fan to last after every recharge will also help in determining the size of the battery the fan will use.

At average, some of the rechargeable fans can last up to six hours after being fully charged and operated at low speed. While it can last up to four hours after being fully charged while operating at high speed. However, that is not the case with the fewer quality brands which can last for only three hours and one hour thirty minutes at the respective speeds. The higher the quality, the higher the selling, the higher the lithium-ion battery capacity, etc.

Based on energy saving principle, most rechargeable fans do not use metal blades rather they make use of plastic blades light enough to be moved at very high speed by the DC electric motor. When the problem found in the rechargeable fan is only a charging problem, then the issue may not be a very serious one.

How do you know it is a battery charging issue?

It is not easy to draw a conclusion that the problem the rechargeable is having is a charging issue. The reason for this can be traced to how the charging unit is designed. Most brands like Binatone have their charger installed inside the fan with the lithium-ion battery that powers it. At the outlet, there is a socket that only an electric cord connects with while the other end will be plugged to the AC power socket.

So the whole charging process takes place right inside the rechargeable fan not the outside, hence, for the novice, when a problem occurs the best thing to do is to take it to any technician around the area for proper examination.

Meanwhile, in the case that you want to examine and know the actual cause of the problem, you, first of all, know that you will need to disassemble the fan by parts and lose the battery unit where the charging unit is located.

Assuming you succeeded in accessing the charging unit and the lithium-ion battery, do yourself a favor by using a voltmeter to check if there is any voltage left in the battery, if yes, then it may not be a charging problem. But if the meter indicates zero voltage, then there is a high tendency that charging system is the problem.

Let us assume the charging system is the problem

Assuming you followed the step mentioned earlier and discovered that the problem is the charger, what else are you going to do? In that case, the problem is half-way solved, it could be that the charging unit got burnt to do to abnormalities in the voltage rating supply or leaving the charger plugged to AC power supply longer than it supposed to stay.

Whatever be the reason, the fact is that the charging unit is burnt.  In a case like this, all you need to do is to change the charging unit by taking its rating specifications on the body and send it to a part dealer and new one will be given to you for replacement.

Assuming the battery charger did not get burnt but refused to charge, what can I do?

Except if the charging unit is very expensive, it will not be economically wise to ask you to go for further diagnosis and repairs. Such a can be a minor electrical disconnection that might have occurred along one of the cables. Using a multi-meter set to read resistance (ohm), one with good electrical knowledge can detect the place the wire has cut and then fix it back to get the charger working again.

What is the rechargeable fan uses an external charger? That is, only the lithium-ion battery is inside?

This design is common for some unpopular brands but it is still a very good design because it makes the detection of problems in the fan to be very easy. When the charger is external, it usually comes along with the rechargeable fan in the packet after the purchase. The good news is that such can be seen easily in the electronics market for replacement in case if it damages.

To diagnosis, such problem just look for another charger which is working perfectly, use it to charge the fan, if the electric motor rotates after charging for about twenty minutes, then the charger is the problem, all you need to do is to replace it with a new charger, that is all.

Just as I said earlier, charging issue in rechargeable fan is one of the things you can easily handle and it is also one of the less expensive problems from the fan. Problems like damaged DC motor, damaged lithium-ion battery, broken blades, and broken standing supports will cost you a good fortune in terms of finance and time for repair.

Report here via comment form if you need any further assistance.

33 thoughts on “Why Your Rechargeable Fan is Not Charging”

  1. I am going through the change and it can be quite unbearable at times. I don’t always have access to AC or ice either. My sister suggested I find a portable fan to keep in my purse. I am glad I found your review list. I really like the shape of the TianNorth fan as well as the water spraying feature. It isn’t too expensive either. I will order two, one for in the car and one for in my purse!

  2. The rechargeable standing fan bought was not used for years before it was opened.

    The problem is that it works only when there is electricity. It can’t function without electricity even the LED light can’t function without electricity.

    I don’t know the problem.

    1. I bought lontor rechargeable mini fan four inches. It’s about two weeks now. The issue with the fan is that the red indicator that comes on whenever it’s charging is not working. Although the fan is still working but I’ve tried not to use the fan because I won’t be able to charge it when it’s completely down.
      Please what could be the issue with it and how can I solve the problem?

  3. My fan has been charging slow since I first charged with NEPA light because there’s no light where I stay, it has always been generator. It was charged for 8 hours today before it was full. I’m confused.

  4. I just bought a 12″ Century fan and I read the instruction which say I should charge it for 12 hours. I’ve charged it for 3 hours and the light is showing green, indicating that it is full. Should I leave it to charge the complete 12 hours or should I unplug it?

    1. Please read the manual that came with the rechargeable Fan. If it says ‘give it 12 hours charging’ then allow it for that stipulated time. The manufacturers knew the battery may be in a charged condition when you launch it for the first time.
      Please spend time to read the manual carefully as well as the information written on the carton/case of the rechargeable Fan, they are meant to guide you.

  5. Hi,i bought a rechargable fan yesterday…there was no manual but the seller said to charge it for at least 7 hours…i charged it for a couple of hours and the light turned green…when i googled it,the green light indicated that the battery was full…i unplugged it and used it and now its been charging for about 4 hours and its not full…is this normal?

  6. Please sir I bought century 18inch today and was written on it to charge for 12 to 16hrs but right now i charged it for about 3hours and the light have changed from orange to green
    Please is it normal?

  7. Good day bought a standing rechargeable fan (Lontor) in 2019….just recently i will plug the fan to charge, for days it will not turn green and will be heating up, please what could be the problem

    1. If I understand you clearly, you mean the rechargeable Fan has not been in use since 2019 you bought it? Does the Fan operate after removing the charging plug from the power source? …If you have been using the Fan since 2019 maybe the battery has gone bad. Even without using it since then, the battery should be the first thing here that could be the cause.

  8. Hi,
    I purchased a rechargeable fan and charged it for 7hrs as instructed on the manual. I used it for like 3hrs and when I charged again for another 6hrs it has been indicating an orange color instead of the usual red that comes up when charging. Please what does the red light signify.

    1. It appears that indicating the orange color light means the battery still have significant power left in it. Once the power goes down significantly, the light will be red if you plug it in the charging power source.

  9. I bought a rechargeable fan 4 months ago. It was working well till yesterday. Suddenly if I charge the fan charging light blinks meaning charging. After 8 to 10 hours of charging when fan is on it just stops after 1 or 2 minutes. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect after sometime it again runs for a few minute. Then it shows orange light which is no charge left. It is happening repeatedly.

  10. I got a Duravolt DRF – 3918 HR rechargeable fan few months ago, suddenly I noticed if I power it it runs for barely a minute and trips off, then I power it again and it does the same again.. please what could be be fault sir?

    1. It is very possible that the Duravolt DRF – 3918 HR rechargeable fan has a battery problem or charging unit problem. It is either that the battery is not being charged properly by the charger or that the battery itself has gone bad. You may return it to the merchant that sold it to you if the warranty period has not expired.
      Since it is a new rechargeable fan, the likelihood of the charging unit being the cause is higher because the battery is supposed to be new.

  11. Please I’m confused here about something.
    I bought my 18″ century rechargeable mist fan about 2.5 months ago and I read the instruction manual to charge it for 16-24 hours.
    Which I tried to do (considering the state of electricity in the country). But, inserting the charger into the fan, all the lights were full.
    Meanwhile, I left it charging like that for hours. When I felt it was time to use it, I turned it on and it wouldn’t work past a couple of minutes.
    Then by mistake, I turned the fan on.
    Then inserted the charger then it started charging normally. But still, it wouldn’t work past 6 hours after like a full day of charging.
    What do you think might be the cause??

  12. Hello
    I have a question pls. I bought a rechargeable fan and it is said that I should recharge the battery. Shall I recharge it while the power button is on or off ?

  13. Hello
    Please I’ve been using my century fan for over a year now but I recently noticed when I plug it on AC current the indicator light on the charger blinks so as the one on the fan.
    If I remove for a while and replug it charges or rotate a bit and start blinking again. But if I successfully charge the battery by unplugging and plugging, the battery still last me 2 hours on high speed. Please what could be wrong?

    1. Please go and look for the manual that came with the rechargeable fan when you bought it. Such indication may be a sign feature incorporated into the Fan to notify you of a certain abnormality.
      Read the manual carefully you may come across a section discussing that indication sign.

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