China Unveils New AI Technology For Environmental Sanitation

Features of the New AI Technology For Environmental Sanitation

Amid the COVID-19 challenges, China is not backing down on her effort to advance the existing technology in the world to the long-awaited technological age. In that quest, more machines keep springing out despite lots of challenges facing her and the entire world.

Though other nations are not relenting as well when it comes to the invention of new technology and the advancement of the existing ones. China seems to be doing its own with so much ease and less record of failure from the expected results.

Currently, a new road sweeping vehicle was unveiled by the Chinese. This vehicle has the duty of sweeping the entire streets without any human involvement.

In other words, the vehicle is powered by artificial intelligence. It moves on the streets of China without any humans in it and as it moves, it sweeps the street with the two big street/road sweeping brushes attached it its front section.

The Machine has the ability to detect humans on the road and can escape the interruption from humans on the road by sweeping through another route on the route or blowing horns, or possibly stopping until the road is clear to proceed with its operations. This is very unlikely to exist technologies meant for the same function.

Before now, we have roads and streets sweeping vehicles but known have actually beat the record of autonomous driving and autonomous sweeping at the same time. It has taken the idea of robotic dominance a bit further in terms of environmental sanitations.

The most important feature of this artificial intelligence machine is the ability to autonomously define humans seen on the road and be able to distinguish a human from trash on the road. Its functionalities are so effective that a popular Chinese journal decided to share a short video clip of the vehicle during its testing.

Thereby providing more details as to how the new road sweeping machine works and its special features especially the ability to make decisions when it sees obstacles on the road.

This Autonomous road sweeping vehicle changes its direction when it sees humans on the road
This Autonomous road sweeping vehicle changes its direction when it sees humans on the road

Besides its detection abilities, the vehicle has two big brushes with high vacuum pressure for sucking out dirt on the road into its trash bin on the back, this feature helps it to pick even larger trash found on the road such as polythene bay with trash on it.

The two big brushes enable it to have a wide cleaning area on the road while moving and equally make it possible to sweep an entire one-lane road in a single move.

This Autonomous road sweeping vehicle changes its direction when it sees humans on the road
This Autonomous road sweeping vehicle changes its direction when it sees humans on the road

Though still in the experimental stage, this AI road sweeping vehicle could be another technology that will retire the existing machines that sweep our roads currently.

Based on the experiment, there is no doubt on whether the vehicle will fin its usefulness in our society rather it appears to be the question of perfection of the technology to include more special functions and safety features.



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