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Awesome Features of a Robot That Rides a Bicycle

bike riding robot


Robot That Rides a Bicycle
Robot That Rides a Bicycle

A robot named Primer V2 had been found to ride a bicycle perfectly with incredible stability during a series of testing carried out by the developers.

It is a small-sized robot made for the experimental purpose to be able to make the large-sized version of it.

While taking the ride, the humanoid robot was able to make curves and quickly turn to reveal its unique ability in the function.

Besides that, it was found to use varying speeds to ride the bike which is according to the programmed speed.

With the ability to overcome gallops, and other potential dangers and recognize approaching objects to be able to make accurate spacing for the object to pass, the robot can indeed be referred to as a perfectly programmed robot.

It can actually become the most wanted sports robot in the future or may become a good robot for sharing of newspapers and mail on the streets.

The popular scientist who revealed this robot showed that the robot is working with artificial intelligence which is an artificial brain system made through the installation of carefully written complex computer command languages and embedded into the robot for special functions.

With the rigidity and upright walking ability, the robot may have the possibility of carrying other functions perfectly if they are added to their memory and well-written.

Though the special functions the robot may perform for society are yet to be detailed but the video added below shows the full details revealed so far about the bike riding robot.

Meet Primer v2, a #robot that can ride bike like a #human >> @MikeQuindazzi >> #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Robotics #Robots #MachineLearning #IoT #IIoT

— Mike Quindazzi ✨ (@MikeQuindazzi) June 24, 2018

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