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Best Features of a New Humanoid AI Robot Built with Human Skeleton and Bones


New Humanoid AI Robot Built with Human Skeleton and Bones

Robot Built with Human Skeleton
Robot Built with Human Skeleton

Tokyo Institute of Technology researchers have unveiled their latest human-like robot which is being developed to become one of the super robots across the globe.

According to Evan Kirstel’s tweet, this robot uses artificial muscles that appear like that of humans to make up its skeleton.

The robot skeleton was built with bundles of multifilament muscles and has a total number of muscles equal to that of a human.

It is believed that the muscle’s movement and flexibilities will be made possible through the use of small electric motors that will be attached to various units of the skeleton.

From the experiment conducted on this robot, it has the ability to move its jaws like a human and can possibly chew objects inserted into the jaw.

Though expected to challenge other existing advanced robots, the robot has not to be made to the level it can walk on itself rather its movement is being made possible through the fixing of the muscles within the skeleton to an external machine for the purpose of powering it and experimenting the best possible ways of improving in the robot design.

A robot such as this one can be able to have an accurate appearance and resemblance to humans if properly built.

If proper programming of artificial intelligence can be built into it, then it may actually become another option for super robots across the globe.

The weight and working capacity of the robot are yet to be ascertained alongside the basic functions it can be made for, like becoming a classroom teacher, sales representative, driver, or working in the hospital, etc. these questions may be answered as the development of the robot continues.

However, the test conducted so far showed the robot moving its arms as humans would do, the arms movement was made possible due to the joints that they have.

The same also is with the legs which made the robot possibly kick a football due to the flexible movement of the legs assisted with the joints created inside both legs.

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April 11, 2018

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