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Numbers of poles for building

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Civil and BuildingsNumbers of poles for building
Tolu omosebi Staff asked 2 years ago
Please sir, I want to know the numbers of poles and the sizes of poles that can hold a roofing of 100*50 feet church auditorium. You earlier answered regarding woods. Thanks so much size
1 Answers
Philip N. @ Staff answered 2 years ago
Welcome Back! Tolu, Regarding the question you asked: Well, depending on the block layout and if the block walls have concrete pillars at specific distances around the building. If that be the case you will need less number of reinforcement steel pipes (poles) which shall be ten (10) pieces positioned linearly at the center of the building at the spacing distance of 10feet per pipe. However, if the building walls have no concrete pillars as specified above, then the reinforcement steel pipes will act as the overall support for the building. In that case, 3 pieces of the pipe should be positioned linearly starting from one end of the building while maintaining a uniform space of 10feet till the 10feet length of the building is covered. In that case, you will need 3picecs X 10 linear positioning = 30 pieces of the reinforcement steel pipe. Please ensure the steel pipe is of the standard one use in most of the church buildings and of good thickness. Thank you.
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