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Aluminum Roofing Sheet: What is The Difference between foreign coil and Nigerian Coil?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Civil and BuildingsAluminum Roofing Sheet: What is The Difference between foreign coil and Nigerian Coil?
Okolie THeo Staff asked 4 years ago
Hello, Good Day Everyone @ What is the difference between the foreign coil and Nigerian coil for aluminium roofing sheets (steptiles and metrocopo) and materials. I have Been trying to get one but cant place difference..   Thanks to you all.
1 Answers
Philip N. @ Staff answered 4 years ago
To be Frank to you. Aluminum Roofing sheets have different brands in the market. The Originality depends on the Country that produced it. The sincerity of the marketers. However, if you go through some of our previous posts on how to identify fake roofing sheets you may get some ideas on how to know original roofing sheets. There are a lot of Original aluminum roofing sheets as well as the counterfeit. The quality is mainly determined by thickness, the durability of its colors, malleability when twisting its edges, and the price gap with the original ones. Original Aluminum roofing sheet coil is made with pure aluminum irrespective of the country or factory that produced it. No specific country or brand can be pointed out to be producers of the fake tpe. However, they do exist in the roofing sheet markets but a sincere marketer will tell you the truth. Conduct a simple test to ascertain the properties of the roofing sheet material, if it exhibits that of a pure aluminum example, low heat conductor, malleability, corrosion resistance, and chemical reaction tests. All of that will reveal a fake one to you. However, a fake one may not be in terms of the material, it can be in terms of the thickness so use a micro-gauge to measure the thickness and be sure that is what you are paying for.
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