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New Simplest Way of Making Concrete Pillars For Steel Gates (2022)

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New Way of Making Concrete Pillars

New Way of Making Concrete Pillars
New Way of Making Concrete Pillars

A new method of making pillars for iron gates is spring up very fast in Nigeria, a practice witnessed by our reporter and submitted to “ team”.

According to our correspondents who witnessed the building practice at Asaba, Delta state confirmed how hollow blocks and small width solid blocks were used in making very strong and good looking gate pillars.

The method was found to be simple, faster and may even cost less when compared to the popular style of using wood boards and binding wires.

One of the good sides of this practice is the neatness it offers after the whole work has been completed.

We shall be discussing in details how this method was carried out and giving you incite of how you can try the same.

New Way of Making Concrete Pillars(Step-by-Step Approach)

Below were the steps were taken in the making of the Pillars:

After the general procedure of installing the beams according to the builder’s number of steel rods, and using concrete to mount it firmly.

The next step is to create a shallow foundation around the beams with space not less than 1 feet.

Raise the foundation with a solid block of small width example 5 inch block until you obtain true shapes of the pillars covered with the solid block while the inside will remain open for the pouring of concrete into space in the erected blocks.

Use a chisel to open holes that would permit the anchors of the gates to enter into the pillar and be fastened to the beams.

Having done all that, raise the gate and fix it firmly with supports before pouring concrete into space in the raised blocks.

Remember to use the right concrete mixing ratio for pillars which usually goes for 1 bag of cement with 11 paint buckets of limestone and 11 buckets of sharp sand.

Allow the whole set up for 48 hours to solidify before removing the gate support.

Disadvantages with this New Way Of Making Concrete Pillars

The gate anchor needs to be very long so that it can pass through the solid blocks and have it length fixed at the beams inside the pillar.

The method needs good experience in the building process to avoid mistakes.

The inclusion of blocks as a wall for the gate pillars makes the pillars to have big sizes.

However, in a case where the solid blocks are not used, hollow blocks can still serve the same purpose.

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