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List Of Top Salt Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

Domestic Sugar and Industrial Sugar

Salt Manufacturing Industries In Nigeria

If you are dealing with sugar in large quantities, for instance, you have a large number of bakeries, fast foods,  and always need a large volume of salt supply or you just want to become a wholesaler in the salt business, this post will guide you to the right people to make your dream come true.

There is nothing more frustrating in making a profit in your business than dealing with suppliers who cannot meet up with your demands especially when you have the money to buy the large quantity you want but are unable to get the quantity from your supplier.

Imagine you specialized in baking and fast-food business and you have over twenty bakeries and fast-foods scattered across different states in the country and need a regular supply of Salt, flour, sugar, and other baking ingredients in large quantities, you shouldn’t be expecting the wholesaler in the market to feed your baking and fast-food companies with that large quantity. In this case, your need to contact the industries direct.

Contacting these salt industries is not as difficult as you may think and deal with them wouldn’t be that tedious. All you need is a clear definition of what you want and make it available in your bank account for easy transfer.

You stand to gain a lot when dealing with the industry directly examples of your benefits are:

Increased business name popularity.

Increase connection to big names in your field of industry who do the same business and are dealing with the salt industry directly.

You can save lots of money in the long run.

There is the possibility of discounts for large quantities.

You can get easy transportation from the industry for the goods delivery.

The industry may decide to run a promo and you become the lucky winner.

Despite all these benefits, you still have the chance of dealing with more than one salt industry at a time or even be changing them as you wish until you get the one that gives you satisfaction.  As a businessman or woman dealing with salt supply you still have numerous benefits if you have the money to buy in large quantities.

I took some time to make this list of a few salt manufacturing industries in Nigeria, perhaps going through the list can help you to know where to start in getting your high salt demand.

Below is the name list of popular salt manufacturing industries in Nigeria:

Spoon for those with shaking problems


15B, Ikosi Road, Oregun Ikeja, Lagos

0700 888 0888, 0807 048 0004, +234 1 271 2213-4

+234 1 271 2215

National Salt Company Nigeria Limited (NASCON) is a division of Dangote Group of Companies and specializes in the production, processing, and packaging of iodized salt.


Shed E/G And Shed 4 ,Apapa Port Complex, Apapa, Lagos

08023261716, 01-2622259, (01) 2622232

A Nigerian manufacturing company that offer salt processing services.



Plot C10 Afam Close, Industrial Estate, Agbara, Ogun State Nigeria

Covenant Salt Company Limited is a notable manufacturing company in Nigeria that specializes in the production of high-quality iodine salt.


Phase 2, Kirikiri Lighter Terminal, Kirikiri, Lagos Nigeria

0906 030 5130, +234 1 460 0502

Union Dicon Salt Limited is located in Lagos Nigeria and produces varying sizes of iodized salts.


Shed No.1, NPA Quays, Port Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria

0811 399 9333, 0814 000 3333

Royal Salt Limited specialises in the production of edible food grade iodized salts in Nigeria for both domestic and industrial use.


Shed E/G And Shed 4 ,Apapa Port Complex, Apapa, Lagos

08023261716, 01-2622259, (01) 2622232

A Nigerian manufacturing company that offers salt processing services.


1A, Alfred Rewane Road, Falomo, Ikoyi, Lagos State, Nigeria

01 448 0815, 01 448 0816, 0700 888 0888

Dangote Salt Plc is produced and marketed by NASCON Allied Industries PLC which is specialized in the refining of edible and industrial salts, marketed under the brand name ‘Dangote Salt’.


Kenni 700 Limited, No.3 Mayowa Crescent, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria

0909 283 2195

Premium Salt produces high quality edible salt for cooking to improve and support the health of our consumers.


Plot 34, km. 38, Main Road, Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria

+234 709 318 9990

Bayswater Industries Limited is a producer of Mr.chef Salt in Nigeria and is located in Sango Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Please note that this list does not mean any endorsement, affiliation, or partnership with, before committing any money make sure you visit the company address and ask people within the area questions about the company. If you are too busy to do that, you can hire an agent or agents within that city to verify the company for you before making a commitment that involves payments.

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