Top 9 Popular Inventors of Modern Programming Languages

Inventors of Modern Programming Languages

Computer and software programming languages has come along way. the inventions that led to the modern sophistication in the digital world have been consistent and occurring at varying intervals. in other words, the inventions have been taking place at different time which actually define the level of the software available at such interval. as the time progresses, more inventions are brought out to address certain limitations imposed by existing languages. this necessity has brought us to more advanced and multiple programming languages available today.

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These software programming languages are now the bedrock of the existing software use in all platforms as well as the control of industrial machines.

Among the numerous list of the programming laungages available for diverse purposes, there are those that have application in almost everyday software accessible platforms and are part of the foundation language that makes majority of the programming to work.

In the list of the numerous programming languages the following can be said to belong to the categories of the popular programming languages:

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • JAVA
  • PHP
  • RUBY
  • PERL

Here is the list of those who invented each of the programming languages listed above.

C (was Invented by Dennis Ritchie)
C++ (was Invented by Bjarne Stroustrup)
C# (was Invented by Anders Hejlsberg)
JAVA (was Invented by James Gosling)
JAVASCRIPT (was Invented by Brendan Eich)
PHP (was Invented by Rasmus Lerdorf)
RUBY (was Invented by Yukihiro Matsumoto)
PYTHON (was Invented by Guido Van Rossum)
PERL (was Invented by Larry Wall)

Inventors of Modern Programming Languages
Inventors of Modern Programming Languages

While you are enjoying the benefits of software, remember the roles these intelligence men played to bring the world to the modern stage of digitization through their programming. languages.

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