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Transplantation of Plants: How To Transplant Giant Trees (+Video)

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How To Transplant Giant Trees

Transplantation of trees is not a new term and will continue to be part of modern lifestyle considering numerous benefits trees play in our lives.

Not everyone understands the term ‘transplantation’ and why it is useful. The answer to such questions would be addressed in this post.

Here are major areas we would be covering in the area off transplantation of trees:

What is Tree Transplantation?

Reasons for Tree Transplantation

Ways of Carrying out Transplantation of trees

Simple way of Carrying out Tree Transplantation

Advantages of using this Machine for tree Transplantation

Disadvantages of using this Machine for tree Transplantation

We will be discussing each of the above points one after another. First of all you need to understand transplantation itself and know other topics surrounding it which this post will try to address.

What is Tree Transplantation?

The term transplantation simply means moving a planted tree (such as flower, crops, etc.) from one location to another location. This is not a new practice, it has been in existence for centuries.

It is a practice used in Agriculture for planting of edible crops as well as in doing flower selling business.

Transplantation helps individuals to uproot a live tree, flower, or crops and move it to a preferred or better environment without harming the life of the plant afterwards.

In other words, transplantation of plants is said to be successful if the plant is able to remain alive and continue its growth and reproduction process, other than that the transplantation is not successful.

So the term ‘Tree transplantation’ is exclusively referring to the above transplantation. I.e. transplantation of plants.

Reasons for Tree Transplantation

No one would just transplant a plant if there is no reason for it considering the stress and cost of doing it. There are many reason why tree transplantation always become an option when it comes to sustaining the lives of trees.

The below point are parts of the reason why tree transplant is always considered:

 Some trees such as flowers and edible crops are very expensive to buy hence considering buying a new one could be more expensive than the cost of transplanting it to another desired location

Environmental changes such as development of locations the tree is occupying will lead to the consideration of transplanting the tree if the value of the tree worth it.

Some trees such as flowers are planted for beautification and provision of oxygen to the environment, to maintain that purpose they need to be kept alive by moving them to a new safer location whenever the need arises.

For farmers, transplantation enables them to grow certain difficult crops on a manure-rich shallow soil and then transplant them to new soil meant to take care of the rest growth of the plant.

Ways of Carrying out Safe Transplantation of Giant trees

Tree transplantation had been an ancient practice, from the use of hand to uproot small plants and move to a new location to the modern use of giant machines for transplantation of giant trees.

Some farmers usually grow important crops in a bucket filled with manure soil after few months the crop would be removed from the bucket alongside with some of the soil and the root as it has buried itself inside the soil and then bury the root with some soil attached to it in a new preferred location.

This had been a usual practice for small plants.

However, transplanting an already grown giant tree has never been a simple work In most cases the only option available is to cut down the tree. However, modern technology has made provision for such situation which could be of immense benefits to flowers and costly plants transplantations.

Simple way of Carrying out Giant Tree Transplantation

You can now transplant big trees with a machine exclusively meant for such purpose. A relevant information revealed to shows that manufacturers have produced a machine exclusively meant to carryout transplantation of giant/big trees.

This became necessary after due considerations of the important roles trees play in our environment.

The machine meant for this work is equipped with a vehicle to make moving of the tree from one place to another possible. While the machine itself is a set of shovels arranged in a circular manner to enable circular penetration into the root depth of any tree that needs to be transplanted.

The shovel receive high force from hydraulic and pneumatic pumps making it possible to drive them beneath soil and pull out some volume of soil alongside with the root of the plant itself.

Advantages of using this Machine for tree Transplantation

The advantage of using such machine is not far from the obvious ones you are now aware of. For instance,

The use of the machine make the transplantation of giant tress such as expensive flowers and edible fruits trees, easier and less expensive.

The transplantation could be carried with minutes thereby making it almost impossible for the tree not to survive since no much time is wasted to put it in a new location meant for it.

It helps the tree to recover quickly from any injury done on its roots during the process as of the shortened time of putting the tree in its new location.

Disadvantages of this method

Though we have numerous benefits the use of the machine offers, there are few disadvantages we could notice regarding this method. For instance,

The machine is not yet available globally for easy access irrespective of your country and location

The machine needs an experience vehicle driver and the need to know how to operate it as well.

The machine may not be suitable for small trees (farmers’ crops) considering the size of its shovels.

The machine could be expensive to hire for the job, this makes it unnecessary if the cost of the tree do not worth it.

The cost of fueling the machine and paying the operator is part of the disadvantages as well.

Meanwhile, notwithstanding the advantages and disadvantages, the use of the machine for transplanting of trees could become another lifesaver for plants and giant trees around us if not for beautification purpose we could consider their provision of edible fruits or leaves, or better still, their provision of oxygen for human consumption.

Video of How To Transplant Giant Trees

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