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How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook

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How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook

How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook
How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook

Using Facebook to make a live broadcast is different from uploading a video to your Facebook account.

A video uploaded to a Facebook account will be shown as a posted video or shared video.

Many people have been on the google search engine to ask the question because they are mistaking the live video broadcast to be just uploading of video to a timeline.

How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook
How To Make A Live Video Broadcast On Facebook

When considering options on the timeline page for meant for free browsing using the Airtel network the “share live video” option cannot be found the same thing applies to the

The mobile version of Facebook is meant for those using mobile phones to access social media.

Meanwhile, the direct and general Facebook web address which is meant for any type of device has the option for the live broadcast. On the timeline page of the direct Facebook web address, there is a “share live video” option in the menu.

To make a live video broadcast means that you want to report a live incident not an already videoed incident.

To make such a report to your account, click on the “share live video” option and ensure you have enough data for it.

The option for you to connect a microphone and turn on your device camera will pop up, connect the two if you are using a computer, meanwhile, the option may be automatically activated using smartphones.

That will make your camera start recording anything its coverage and those within your Facebook network will be receiving the video immediately provided there is enough internet data in your device.

The live broadcast will continue so long as the camera remains on and you are still making your vocal report alongside the video from your camera.

It is important to know that making a live video broadcast is not as simple as some people make think. There are factors that could make it impossible or difficult and the majority of them are;

Slow internet service.

Poor camera coverage or using a very low pixel camera for far video coverage.

Because it consumes lots of data, sometimes the report may be disconnected automatically due to finished internet data.

Besides the above factors, there may be others that will be based on the type of device being used for broadcast.

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