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How to Create a Home Media Center

How to create a home media center

The media centre is a room with equipment for entertaining with digital media. It’s like a home theatre but is a shared space for everyone in an apartment building or housing community to enjoy.

DVD’s are gradually going extinct. In this present time, a media centre operating on Kodi is what you need to keep you glued to your TV, whether you’re watching movies, streaming your favourite TV shows from show max and Netflix, or playing video games. This blog will tell you all you need to know about creating a perfect media centre with Kodi.

What is the kodi media centre?

Kodi(formerly XBMC)is a media centre application that arranges your movies, TV series, and other media in a decent, remote control-friendly library. You can run Kodi on almost any computer or Apple TV and hook it up in your living room, so all the media you used to watch on your computer like your movies, Netflix and more, all from the comfort of your home.

What is the kodi media centre used for?

You can play all your  DVDs and other video discs, stream videos from your iPhone to it through the airPlay app, set it up as an antique video game console, and even synchronize it with other Kodi boxes in the house. In addition, you can fully edit every area of the interface to make it look cool.

How do I set up kodi?

How to Create a Home Media Center

Because of the powerful nature of Kodi, you have a whole lot of options for setting up your Media to suit your needs. The process involved include:

1.Choose your device.

How to Create a Home Media Center

You need to think of where you will run kodi before you start. You can make use of a computer that’s not in active use, probably an old one in your home for 0 Naira, Huge amounts of money is not needed to get a kodi capable hardware. But if you want to do activities like play video games or you will need an advanced computer to do the job.

2. Install kodi

How to Create a Home Media Center

Installing kodi is very easy once you’ve chosen your version. If it’s just the regular version of Kodi, download and install it like any other application.

3. Import media into kodi

How to Create a Home Media Center

You will need to arrange your files on your machine before adding them to the library. You can store them in your media centre or on another computer on the network.

Kodi has a cool feature where it can grab all sorts of information about your videos like the cover art, plot, the year it was produced, and nicely display it in the menus for you. It does this by obtaining information from various sources like and To perform this action, your files have to be arranged in a certain order. You can arrange them by:

1.Create two folders for movies and TV shows respectively

2.Drop the movies and TV shows in their folders.

Kodi requires these to be separated to process the information correctly. Then you rename your movie files using a supported naming format like Ana.2020.1080p.mkv.

You can add files to Kodi by First, open up kodi on your media center. Navigate to the Videos section, and scroll down to the”Add Videos” section. This is where you will add a video source to your libraries like a folder of movies or TV series.

4. Customize every area of your media center;

One interesting feature of kodi is the ability to add new features to your media centre through add-ons just like the ones in Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. You can use add-ons to do anything from streaming TV series and movies to playing video games and boost the entire look of your media centre. You can get add-ons from repositories. You can also change the outlook of kodi by changing the skins to your taste.

Stream any TV series or movie

You can easily steam any movie or series without having to rip them, add-ons are well suited for this purpose. Common add-ons like free cable and Hulu.

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