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How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used For Fun

A new Robot called 'Duke'

How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used For Fun

Considering the recent fear and continued concern of top authorities over the increasing presence of AI machines recently, issues of control and laws had been addressed in that regard.

Recently, a popular social media user, Martin Hiesboek revealed a town where giant animatronic robots are made for the purpose of fun and amusement.

Among the types of robots shown were crabs, spiders, and ants in their giant sizes such that most of them can carry a few humans while moving along a part.

The details released showed the robots are completely controlled by AI such that they work according to human voice command and perform some funny actions that could create amusement for their riders.

Besides the use of AI machines for industrial production, warehouse management, hospital services, farming, and public commercial services like the supermarket, restaurants, etc. the AI machines could actually be applied to amusement and entertainment institutions.

The presence of AI robots in these areas will make some incredible actions to become possible.

According to the previous post, most of the Amusement parks following the trends of modern technology had already started using AI robots covered with clothes for entertainment purposes such as dancing for kids driving toy cars, and singing popular songs.

If some busy zoos that are lacking in some species of animals can arrange with the AI robot making firms, such animals could be made in their robotic forms with artificial animal skin.

If such is possible then the zoo may become more entertaining, especially for kids who would love to see some actions seen in the carton movies done physically.

The Giant robots seen in the picture below are among the AI robots made by the town reported by Martin.

There could be others of the same size but the good aspect of their technology is the safety it employs because it basically centers on entertainment only.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used For Fun
How Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used For Fun

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