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New farming machine



The uses of the trending technology AI will possibly exceed the industrial production and marketing purposes in the future to include pest control to farmers.

Artificial intelligence in the form of humanoid robots or animatronic robots will find special work for farmers who need security and protection of their crops. Beyond the cooperate view of the AI applications, which e people are afraid of losing their job in the year 2050, the same AI can be used in humanoids and animatronic robots for the purpose of securing their crops.

Technically, controlling of attacks on crops had been a major problem for farmers. Majority of these attacks comes from birds, wild animals like the glasscutter,  and beetles, etc.

The birds are known for their attacks on crops like maize, rice, wheat, and fruits products, etc. while the glasscutters are known for their attack on cassava, potatoes, and cocoyam, etc. Yam and its related crops do have the problem of attacks from beetles. Plantain and banana plantation do have the attack from monkeys, etc.

The above crops and others use to have one attack or the other and that had been a problem to farmers prompting some of them to use technical means like erecting a human-like structure to scare away the animals, spraying chemicals on the crops among other methods which have not actually guaranteed up to 90 % success.

Artificial intelligence could possibly bridge the gap created while using the above methods for pest control.

How about using a humanoid robot and animatronic to create live actions in the farm to scare away all the animals instead of erecting a static human-like structure?  Some animals can be wise to observe the static nature of the erected structure especially birds and monkeys.AI robots may not just create dynamic motions but can possibly sense the presence of foreign objects like the animals and make moves to chase them away by turning to that direction or by blowing a very loud sound to scare them away.

How about using Artificial intelligence Nanorobots in the animatronic shape to create fake beetles, ants, and insects that will be moving on the soil surfaces of the farm to chase away the real ones by biting killing chemical into them or electrocuting them.

The above two ways mean that AI can become a major security for crops in the future which the farmers stand to benefit. The idea will not only reduce the level of defective farm products but will also boost the quantity of the overall products.

The major area of concern in this application will be how the robots could stay in the farm alone, will there not be a possibility of stealing them? In that regard, I think the developers should have a way of tracking any AI robot in the case of theft.

Besides, some farmlands do have wire mesh fencing to prevent intrusion, using AI robots in such farmland would be a perfect arrangement for pest control.

Some of the robots may be using solar energy, but electricity can be distributed to the farmland to help the AI robots charge themselves whenever the electric power supply is ON.

Besides, the above uses, Artificial Intelligence drones could be used for spraying of chemicals and water to the crops while the farmer could be standing in one place to water to over 20 acres of farmland within minutes using the AI drones other referred to as flying robots.




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