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Home-Made Helicopter by a Nigerian Undergoes Flying Test (+video)

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Features of Home-Made Helicopter by a Nigerian

Making of aircraft is not just an invention but a huge hobby to many inventors. The concept of making aircraft started with zeal to fly in the air. Hence making an aircraft will give you the opportunity to fly in the air at lower altitudes.

There are many people across the globe who built helicopters and airplanes locally without owning a factory for its manufacturing process.  Those aircraft were made from materials sourced locally and their builders applied many designs to obtain suitable conditions that can make the aircraft to fly.

Among the builders of home-made aircraft are Nigerians. Many Nigerians have made major attempts to build aircraft. Some of the works were successful while some ended up uncompleted or unable to fly.

One of the Nigerian inventors who has made major attempt to build an aircraft has recently unveiled his work. In a video made available to, the Nigerian inventor was able to execute major flight attempts with his newly-built helicopter.

Among the successes recorded in the test are sudden staggering take-off, change of direction, and powerful blades operations. Though the full details of the engine used to power helicopter was not revealed, it is believed to be one of car engines sourced locally.

The helicopter was made with materials sourced locally. From the engine to the frames, every parts of the helicopter were sourced locally. The helicopter has rigid frame structure and standard blades capable of propelling the entire body upwards.

However, based on design, the helicopter’s body casing and structures was not completed. The helicopter entire body structure was not propelling secured to prevent possible fall in case of staggering take-off.

Despite the incomplete structure of the helicopter, the inventor was able to embark on a flight test for the helicopter. During the test, the local engine used to power its propellers was able to make staggering lift of the helicopter but the unsecured condition of the structure could not allow the inventor to power it further for higher lifting.

The use of tires for the home-made helicopters makes it possible to maintain stability during staggering lifting.

It is believed that the helicopter needs further enhancements to achieve the goal of suitable flight as well as the safety of the pilot.

Below is a video showing the flight test of the home-made helicopter by a Nigerian inventor.

Video of the Home-Made Helicopter by a Nigerian

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