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Gadgets Unveil A Transforming Staircase For Wheelchair Convenience

Transforming Staircase for Wheelchair users


As the invention of new technologies continues, researchers are focused on how to make life more convenient for everyone using any means possible and that does not exclude those riding on a wheelchair.

The idea of making ways for wheelchairs to move to anywhere a human foot can walk is to eliminate the stress and limitations placed on those on wheelchairs.

Being in a wheelchair is not a choice made by those on it, rather the majority of such people found themselves in such a situation due to health challenges that have rendered them incapable to walk on their feet.

There could be emotional pain in seeing others walking on their feet and able to move and climb any staircase while the wheelchair only limits the user to smooth and leveled ground movement.

Engineers understand such pain therefore efforts had been put in place to eliminate some of the pains faced by the users of wheelchairs and the result of such effort is the newly made transforming staircase.

The staircase is designed in such a way that those walking with legs can climb it and those riding wheelchairs can equally climb it.

However, instead of climbing the staircase with the wheelchair, the staircase will transform itself to a leveled floor making it possible for the wheelchair to roll on it. it, therefore, lifts its level to the upper floor with the wheelchair on it, this helps the wheelchair to roll to the upper floor due to the staircase’s ability to align to the upper floor on the same level.

This is not a completely automated technology rather it can be termed as a semi-automated technology. Anyone using the wheelchair that wants to use the staircase to climb will need to press one of the buttons located on the right side of the staircase, the action will activate the transforming mechanisms of the wheelchair by first aligning the staircase on the lower floor such that the wheelchair can roll inside.

Afterward, the staircase automatically lifts its height to the upper floor and becomes static on the upper floor level such that the wheelchair can roll out of the staircase to the upper floor conveniently. On the completion of the task, the wheelchair user will press another button located at the upper level which will make the staircase reset itself to the normal staircase design.

The technology appears stable and reliable and the actions are carried out within few minutes. The staircase has an exact design of the staircase and can be applied in engineering structures such as Aircraft, buildings, Cars, industries, hospitals, and stadiums, etc. it will provide an avenue for those using wheelchairs to access many places that those walking with feet can access.


Just like any other technology it is normal to have some limitations associated with it, however, the ability to plan against the limitations can make the best come out of it. For instance;

The staircase mechanisms are powered by motors. This implies that electric power will be required to operate the staircase. This can be a big limitation to places with a limited power supply. However, a rechargeable power system may be designed for such a staircase in the future, if that becomes possible, then almost any country and individual can use it conveniently.

The staircase needs to be light in weight. This is to enable its mobility and ability users to transport it wherever it is necessary. The lightweight is the reason it is designed with woods just to maintain simplicity and lightweight.


However, despite these few limitations, THE TRANSFORMING STAIRCASE has will a major boost in changing the lifestyle of wheelchair users. Let us wait and see when this technology can be commercialized and possibly improved upon and available for anyone to place an order.

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Transforming Staircase for Wheelchair Convenience!
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