“HIDDEN GARDEN SENSOR” A New Farming Technology


The hidden garden sensor is a prototype technology recently revealed and tested to become one of the newest inventions in science and technology. The product is expected to be one of the most dependable devices for farmers and garden owners.

It has the ability to analyze the overall content of soil and report the total available nutrients in the soil as a result of that, it can give possible suggestions as to the type of crop that best suits the soil based on the nutrients of the soil.

Besides that, the device has the ability to suggest a particular fertilizer to be used in the soil based on the available data. The Hidden Garden Sensor has a small flat surface that contains a solar panel inside helping it to work directly from the garden or farm.


The base has a long metal pin which makes it possible to be pinned down in the farm and use solar energy to analyze the data within the farm. The data it can obtain are:

Soil available nutrients

Nutrients lacked by the soil

Nutrients required by the crops planted

Suggestions for fertilizer to be applied in the soil

Hourly report of temperatures of the farm

Hourly report any dangerous condition of the crops

All these data are usually displayed on the top flat surface or sent to a gadget or any mobile device through its apps.

Philip Nduka

Philip is a graduate of Mechanical engineering and an NDT inspector with vast practical knowledge in other engineering fields, and software.

He loves to write and share information relating to engineering and technology fields, science and environmental issues, and Technical posts. His posts are based on personal ideas, researched knowledge, and discovery, from engineering, science & investment fields, etc.

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