Top 8 Powerful Mistakes in Fabrication of Security Steel Doors

Why There are Mistakes in Fabrication of Security Steel Doors?

Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: made in Nigeria Security door
Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: made in Nigeria Security door

The job of welding and fabrication covers various areas. However, we will be discussing on the major mistakes in fabrication security steel doors which could condemn the usability of the door if not detected on time.

As a craftsman, an engineer, or an apprentice welder, etc. understanding these basic mistakes and finding ways to overcome it will help to qualify you as a professional.

What makes you a professional fabricator is the ability of the structure you fabricated to exercise its designed role. This includes overcoming all of the list of common mistakes in fabrication of security doors.

However, note that those already into the career can something fabricate structure with defects listed here. This means, the accuracy of any fabricated job lies in the hands of the fabricator who paid attention.

Why Mistakes Occur During Fabrication of Security Steel Doors

Made in Nigeria security door
Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door

The root cause of these machines can be attributed to many factors such as unforeseen errors, unpredictable outcome of the job.

Some of the mistakes could also be as a result of oversight, tiredness, or inexperience. And any of these causes can be ratified during the fabrication jobs.

Top 8 Powerful Mistakes in Fabrication of Security Steel Doors

Below are some of the well-known mistakes in fabrication security steel doors:

Square Problems

Square problem is the most common and easy to detect mistake in any fabricated job. Just as the name sounds, it is the inability of the fabricated job to align squarely. The inability to maintain accurate 90 degrees in its supposed 90degrees edges or joints.

The obvious outcome will be finished job with deviated shape. In the case of security steel door the mistake will make the door not to align with the frame after its fabrication. For the minor square problems, the evidence could be noticed from the minor deviation at edges of the door from its frame.

Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door
Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door

The problem of square can be solved by squaring all the edges with a square tool before welding the joints.

Allowance/Tolerance problem

Steel is a metal with high thermal expansion range, as a result, prone to expansion and contraction if used in making any device. This also applies the security steel doors. The door tends to contracts and expands in accordance with the temperature of the surrounding.

An experienced fabricator will always put this into consideration when fabricating any steel door. Creation of accurate and uniform tolerance/allowance across the various sides of the door with its frame will aid the door to carry out its expansion and contraction effectively without tampering with the effectively of the door.

When the tolerance/allowance is too close or not available, the door gets stiffed with the frame sometimes after closing it. What actually happened is that the door expanded after the locking of the door. This forced the door edges to stock to the frame.

When the tolerance/allowance is too wide, it will create unwanted space at the frame.

The main solution is to use accurate measuring instrument to obtain the correct tolerance/allowance that will not impact negatively to the physical appearance of the door and its frame.

Welding Joints

The welding joint is one of the problems associated with all fabricated jobs especially the fabrication of security steel doors. It simply means the inability to carry out proper welding of the vital areas of the door which are majorly the edges, steel plate vs its framing, and the hinges welding to the frame.

When done improperly, the durability reduces leading to early failure of the door operations such as: falling off from the frame due to hinges pulling out from the frame due to lack of strength in the welded units to hold it, visible cracks on the welded joints of the door just few years after its installation, and lots more.

Material Combination

This is one of the silent mistakes that could reduce the durability of the steel door. It is usually employed by experienced fabricators trying to save cost of production at the detriment of quality and inexperience fabricators who may not be aware of the effects of wrong material combination.

Normally, the fabrication of security steel doors will start with framing the steel plate for the door then forming of the door frame.

However, in the cause of framing the steel plate, the framing metal may be of different material from the steel plate. If the welding electrodes use in joining the two is of a different metal type, the joint created may not be durable. It tends to shatter after sometimes.

Wrong fillings

Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door
Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door

There is a non-metallic filler in the form of aqueous solution that solidifies after few hours used in filling spaces in the welded joints. The filler comes in various quality and application methods. Due to lack of the experience, some tends to apply any available filler at their own assumed way or procedures.

After few years of installation of the door, the filled areas of the door would begin to crack and eventually start falling off. Thereby, revealing the hidden areas of the door joints.

Corrosion control

Corrosion control comes in many ways, from the use of appropriate material to the application of corrosion resistant solutions. Some fabricators make this mistake of not applying the corrosion control solution to the fabricated door before painting job. Note that spraying paint is also a form of corrosion control but not all paints have the suitable control quality for corrosion.

The solution here is to carry out proper cleaning of the job with water and allow it to dry up, apply anti-rust fluid before spraying paint. This could help in longer terms in shading the door against corrosion.

Poor finishing

Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door
Fabrication of Security Steel Doors: Made in Nigeria security door

Mistakes in poor finishing comes from the use of substandard paints. The quality of the paint may not be good enough to provide proper coating and bring out the aesthetics of the finished work. The cause of this is mainly trying to economize expenses or lack of experience of quality paints.


In subsequent updates, we will be providing more details regarding the mistake in the fabrication of security steel doors. However, use the comment section to share your feedback with us.

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