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My Foldaway rechargeable Fan Won’t Charge model/ 7039FEB, What Should I do?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: TECHNICALMy Foldaway rechargeable Fan Won’t Charge model/ 7039FEB, What Should I do?
Lauren E. Miller Staff asked 3 years ago
I've tried several different chargers, same result. Blue light comes on,  (Steady,not blinking like it's supposed to.) And Will not charge at all.
1 Answers
Philip N. @ Staff answered 3 years ago
Hello Lauren !, Thank you for seeking a solution to your problem through our platform. Regarding your question on the inability of your rechargeable Fan to charge, two main factors could be the reason for the problem you are experiencing.  The factors are highlighted below: BATTERY: One major reason the blue light stays steady without linking could be a sign of fully-charged battery while blinking means it is charging. If that be the case, ten it is likely that the rechargeable battery has reached its lifespan and could not be able to store power in it. You will experience this if you have been using the rechargeable battery for a long time now or you packed it unused and uncharged for a very long time. If this happens to be the cause, then you need to change the battery to a new one to get the Fan working again. However, if you just bought the rechargeable Fan and start seeing such problem you can return it to the seller it it has warranty otherwise consider taking it to a technician to check any of the other possible causes which will likely be less than 30% percent cause for the problem. CHARGER: The next possible cause will likely be the charger. However, you have specified in your question that you used different chargers. If the chargers you used were specified charger for the rechargeable Fan and it has been confirmed that the chargers are working in perfect condition then consider looking out for the first option. Meanwhile, if you have a technician in your locality consider taking the rechargeabl Fan for thorough checking to be sure the root cause is the battery and to help you change the battery if that be the case or carry out other checking if the battery seems to be in perfect condition.
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