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I want Clipper coil maintenance Tips, Any Idea?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: TECHNICALI want Clipper coil maintenance Tips, Any Idea?
Godwin Drew Staff asked 3 years ago
The string like object hold the electromagnet rod in my clipper is always shifting out of its position The electromagnetic rod in my clipper is rust can i apply oil to it
1 Answers
Philip N. @ Staff answered 3 years ago
If the clipper is still functioning properly in that condition you don't need to add the oil as you asked. However, if the rust has made the clipper to function abnormally, you can go ahead and remove the rust and clean it up with any rust-removing solvent such as WD-40 and ensure everything dries up before attempting to use the clipper. Regarding the string that is shifting from position, it means some portion of the casing within the string has worn out or support that supposed to keep the string in position is no longer there. You can try making a replacement of the casing or part that has gone out within the string area. Such will be better carried out by a technician.
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