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The search for the quality standing fan has become obvious especially in the online search engines. When it comes to getting a quality standing fan in Nigeria there are factors that can determine that, and those factors affect the level of the quality you will across the whole country.

Normally, air conditions tend to reduce the market demand for electric fans and that had become a consistent issue. However, the limitations found in the air conditions and the little variation of functions between the air condition and the electric fan has made the fan to still remain in the electronics market despite the huge decrease in demand.

Though air condition seems to be better, it is costlier to the fan when compared. Hence, the low earners prefer buying fan than air-conditions. Besides that, the AC. consumes more electric power, leading to higher cost of power consumptions.

The market survey shows that over 90% of homes in Nigeria have at least one electric fan while less than 40% of homes in Nigeria have one air-condition. The clear comparison showed how important the electric fan is to the whole Nigerians especially the average citizens.


Another statistic showed that out of the 90% homes with electric fan, the most commonly found type in them are the ceiling fan and standing fan. While the floor fan and wall fan remained the most rarely used fans across the country.


There are speculations that the two widely used fans in the country now have the “fake” otherwise known as substandard qualities because of the introduction of aluminum coil electric fans into the electronics markets. Though seems as a rumor, it appears there are some elements of truth in it.

To get a quality electric fan now, one must understand the clear difference between the original copper wire and fake copper wire made of aluminum. That can be done by searching for previous posts in that topic.

The ceiling fan has higher market demand than the standing fan, higher it has a higher selling rate. Some believed the reason could be based on the reduced power consumption while other believed it is because of the cost price. Over 10% percent of the general price questions I do receive is based on a ceiling fan and standing fan prices alone.

The cost of a high-quality standing fan can be used to buy over 5 sets of a ceiling fan with average quality. Speed and volume of air circulation are the major features of standing fan that makes it unique and different from the ceiling fan. The standing fan can move a large volume of air to any direction within its space and it is portable, meaning the fan can be transported to another place within the building without having to dismantle it as the case may be with the ceiling fan.

A standing fan is costly also because of the materials and parts incorporated into it. It is an ideal fan for public places or halls with few windows for quick evacuation of air from its blowing space. Here are the list of electric standing fans, the quality features, and approximate cost price

Standing Heavy Duty Fan 30 Inch HDF 3020 This is a Binatone brand of 30-inch Heavy-duty electric fan.

It is ideal for places with wide space like church halls, conference rooms. It will a waste of resources to use it for small rooms in a house.

It blows a large volume of air with substantial pressure capable of collapsing a picture hanged on the wall.

The current price of the fan is N30,000 while some places can sell up to N40,000
16" Duo Power Standing Fan A-1692 - Black This is a Binatone standing fan. It is a model made with 16-inch size and runs with moderate speed. It has overall lower power consumption and output as compared to the 30-inch size.

This model is ideal for rooms, small parlors, and stores.

Some of this model has special features like a remote control but this one does not.

The price of this standing fan is between N11,000 to N15000 depending on the location of the seller within Nigeria.
16-Inch Standing Fan 40 ND With High Efficiency Blades This is a Century brand of standing fan made with 16-inch size. It has high efficient blades and runs at moderate speed. The fan has simple assembling and disassembling technics. It is ideal for places where low sound or noise is required because of the low-sound operation it possesses.


The fan current market price is N8000 but some areas can sell up to N10,000.
18-Inch Rechargeable Premium Fan + Free Rechargeable Torch Light This is a Lontor brand of standing fan. It is made with 16-inch size model. The fan comes with a free torchlight in its carton as a bonus package.

The features of the fan are associated with that of Century 16 inch. Moderate speed, low sound, stable base, light blades and easy setup and dismantling.

The price of the standing is N10,000 while some places sell at N12,000
18 Inch Standing Fan This is a Syinix brand of standing fan. It is made in the 16-inch size model. The standing fan is a combination of beauty and simplicity coupled with other features.

Its slightly tilted 5 blades arrangement, creates stability, low noise, and low base vibrations. The parts are few and easy to couple.

The price is between N10,500 to N11,000 depending on locations.
Image result for A+Bt standing fan This is a standing fan of A+Bt brand. It is among the cheapest and available standing fan having the 16-inch size.

The fan stands as the most widely bought brand and model because of the low price.

It offers moderate speed, simplicity, stability, and metallic blade.

It is ideal for rooms and stores.

The price of this standing fan is between N6000 to N7, 500 depending on locations.
Image result for A+Bt standing fan This is a standing fan of FANAFRIK. It is a 16 inch model with a plastic blade.


Fanafrik has become a popular name in Nigeria markets where electric fans are sold. Their products tend to have high public recognition than upcoming brands.

The cost of this fan is between N9,000 to N12,000 depending on locations.
Image result for A+Bt standing fan This is a brand of QASA standing fans. QASA is a popular name in the electric fan market in Nigeria.

This 16-inch size model features high-speed electric motors, simple design and assembling, plastic blades, and stability.

The cost of the fan is between N10,000 to N13,000 depending on the market location in Nigeria.


The standing fans mentioned above are not rechargeable. In other words, they are ordinary electric fans running with AC power supply.

When it comes to rechargeable standing fans, here are their prices and brands.

16 Inches Mist Rechargeable Fan With Remote-SFRF161K This is a rechargeable standing fan made by Scanfrost. It has a remote control. The fan can operate with AC power supply while still charging its battery at the same time.

It is a 16-inch size model. The fan can operate up to 5 hours with its DC power supply. It is ideal for places with limited availability of power supply.

The selling price of the fan is between N30, 000 t0 N35, 000 depending on market location.


18" Rechargeable Standing Fan ADK8518 With Solar Panel This is a product of Andarakk. It is a 16-inch size model and has a similar appearance and features like the Scanfrost brand listed above. However, some users claim it has a longer time of DC power supply than others of a similar brand. The selling price of the fan is between N45,000 to N50,000 in Nigeria. It is a matter of dealer and location.
Stand Rechargeable Fan 18 Inch With Remote Control-RCF-1805 This is one of the Binatone’s popular rechargeable standing fans.

It is an 18-inch size model with remote control. The fan can operate in both AC and DC power supply. It implies that it could be charging its battery and be blowing air at the same time using its AC power supply.

The selling price of the fan varies greatly based on its availability and high demand.

However, the standard selling price is between N25,000 to N30,000.

18 Inches Rechargeable Fan With LED Light With Remote This is a Sonoko’s product. It is an affordable rechargeable fan in terms of selling price.

It has no remote control but seems to possess other features found in quality rechargeable fans.

It is an 18-inch size model having an LED light at the control unit.

The selling price of this fan is between N16, 000 to N18, 000 depending on location.
16 Inch AC Mist Premium Fan  - Black This is a popular product of LONTOR. It is an 18-inch size model of the rechargeable fan.

The fan is stable and uses remote control among other features.

The selling price of the fan is between N26,000 to N30,000

Beside the above rechargeable standing fans, there are others of different categories and brands that can be found in the market. However, these ones seem to be the most widely seen or popular as at the time of carrying out a survey for this post.



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