fiber laser industrial cutting machine bearing its flexible arm

The fiber laser as a recent technology in the industrial machines system serves as an extension to other laser technologies already incorporated into the modern industrial machines.  Generally, the introduction of laser systems into the industrial machine has brought another view, hope, and expectations towards the possible industrial machines that will exist in the future. So the fiber laser being introduced is a good sign of improvement in the use laser technologies for modern industrial machines.

It is believed that more improvements in the use of the laser for industrial machines will still be coming up especially having it incorporated into the future robotic systems.

In terms of explanation, a fiber laser is a laser technology which the active medium is an optical fiber doped with rare earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, thulium, neodymium, and dysprosium, etc. the technology related to the doped fiber amplifiers which usually provide light without lasing. A fiber laser can have a gain media in the form of fiber nonlinearities such as stimulated Raman scattering or four-wave mixing in its operation.

There are numerous advantages the fiber laser has over the existing laser technology and those advantages include:

  1. Fiber laser has its light coupled into a flexible fiber which enables the light to be moved and focused to into intricate location not ordinarily possible for static light. This advantage is very important for special industrial machines such as the laser cutter, laser welding machines, and metal folding machines.
  2. The wavelength of the fiber laser has higher quality than others. The reason is that the light coupled into the fiber is moveable which makes it possible to focus the light on the actual spot needed, thereby; reducing diffraction of the light yielding high-quality optical beam.
  3. Fiber lasers can have active regions several kilometers long, and so can provide very high optical gain. They can support kilowatt levels of continuous output power because of the fiber’s high surface area to volume ratio, which allows efficient cooling.
  4. When comparing fiber laser to rod and gas lasers, the fiber laser is more compacted than the other laser of the same comparable power due to the flexible fiber which can be bent and coiled together to save space.
  5. Fiber laser has a more extended life with the very low maintenance schedule, besides the above, it exhibits high temperature and stability in terms of vibrations.
  6. The high peak and nanosecond pulses of the fiber laser enables effective marking and engraving machining operation.
  7. Fiber lasers provide cleaner cut edges and faster-cutting speed because of the high temperature and focused beam that it offers.
  8. It is believed that fiber laser machines may be cheaper when compared to their counterparts in terms of power output. Since their sizes are relatively small.
  9. Due to the numerous advantages, fiber laser has now been incorporated into the technology used in making a high-performance surface-acoustic-wave.
  10. Fiber laser may have wider application than others due to the flexibility of its usage.

These are the advantages the fiber laser have over other laser technologies.

Originally posted 2018-05-11 17:28:39.

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