mechanical engineering Machines, lathe machines, milling machines, sharping machines, filing machines, grinding machines, gear, gear teeth, gear cutting, gear speed, gear ratio, velocity, momentum, impulse, torque, steam, acceleration, distance, displacement, air flow, boat, vehicle, fuel tank, tank, drum, petroleum tanks, tyres, roads, impact, high speed, designs, drawing, alignments, installations, table, workshop, industry, factory, damage, faults, bearing, engines, engines faults, belt pulleys, engine pulleys, industrial conveyors, automated machines, industrial machines, industrial automation, industrial robots, fan blades, fan cover, fan blades, automotive, car, detergent, washing machine, machine, door, steel, magnesium, cast steel, cast iron, foundry, metals, keys, hammer wrench, torque range, indicator, files, sand paper, dirt, dusts, corrosion, rust, cracks, fatigue, damaged, tools, equipment, hand gloves, safety, safety goggles, face shade, nose mask, steel, beam, calculations, dimensions, diameter, somersaulting, collapse, piston, crankshaft, piston rings, car body, car paint, aero plane, helicopter, flywheel, bolts and nuts, screw, mount, lift, erect, position, lubrication, friction, strength, tensile strength, compressive strength, density, viscosity, area, thickness,

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