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The prices of roofing sheets had been a major issue of concern to many builders due to the changing prices caused by inflations and deflations in the market. For over the last five years the prices of roofing sheets had not been stable at a fixed price rather they are fluctuating according to the country economic situation especially when it comes to importation dues and policies coupled with the currency exchange rate, since majority of the roofing sheets are gotten directly from the imported rolled sheets of the aluminum and then processed into their various shapes and designs in the country.

Sumo step tile aluminum roofing sheet is not a latest or newest type of roofing sheet in Nigeria but it can be counted as among the new types of roofing sheets in use recently. The making of the roofing sheet is the same as in that conventional embossed long-span aluminum roofing sheet.


The two different types of roofing sheets are usually made from a plane aluminum roofing sheets imported or directly from domestic aluminum manufacturing companies. The full roll will be made to pass through two closely fitted rollers bearing the needed designs on the surface of the rollers. On passing through the rollers, the aluminum sheets will deform to take the shape of the roller surface. The process will help with the painting of the newly deformed surface to take place at the same time.

The required color of paint may be used to paint the outer surface at that instance or possibly may have been painted already before passing it through the rollers.

Three popular surface designs of aluminum roofing sheets can be found in Nigeria and they are:

  1. The uniformly embossed water channel design, mainly seen in the zinc and plastic roofing sheets.

  1. The non-uniformly embossed water channel design (wider space water channel below the plain surface and shorter space at the plain), mainly seen in long span and short span aluminum roofing sheets.

  1. The last and newest design of the long span aluminum roofing sheets is the Sumo step tile design, which runs like a step at the surface of the roofing sheet with a breaking design along the transversal axis in about every 2ft to 3ft downward.

The prices of the three designs are not the same, the last and newest of their design is costlier and its cost price is the center point of this post.

As at July 2018, here is the latest price of the Sumo step tile long span aluminum roofing sheets:

For the thickness of 0.55mm, a square meter of sumo step tile design is within N2700, while those with 0.45mm thickness is within N1800 per square meter.



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